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nice job

pretty good job, n pts r nicely made. it could be a little longer though, cuz i liked the jokes :). oh and the bleeping sounds r too loud, i can barely make out the speech but if i turn up the volume the bleeps get too loud. maybe you could look into that next time?

DAGamesOfficial responds:

meh I made the beeps in audacity really, nothing special, but next time I'll try my best :)

it DOES suck like you.

to all the reviewers who said this was the crappiest, worst shit they've seen,


just check out his other submissions.

Seriously, for God's sake take down these stupid flashes and save yourself the embarrassment.

great job, seeing some improvements

The good:

The commander of the fleet looks better in this sequel, less cheesy and more serious looking. the debris field was a great idea, and helps the suspension of disbelief. gone is the car-alarm sound, and this one at least sounds more believable.

The not-so-good:

The red globes of stuff at the start of the flash. i think its supposed to be blood? could definitely be improved. and the drawing of the eye was pretty bad. differed from the rest of it totally.

LogFish responds:

You really didn't like the car alarm, lol. Thanks for your pointers - space blood with flash is difficult.

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great game, but please please add a skip button?

i liked everything about the game, except that i really really need a skip button...would help if i want to explore all possible endings and not wanting to see the ol' intro sequence again, or lengthy conversations with himself. good job though.


gr8 animation n aiming system! but i cleared level 10, and the game wouldnt move from 11 seconds! what's going on! i want MORE!

ok this was pretty bad...

gave u 5 for graphics, but if im not wrong most of them are not drawn by u? 0 for style because it basically rips off Beachhead...a PC game about the exact same thing. sound...lousy machine gun. violence...nothing's violent about that...no blood, no screams...u could do better. doesnt deserve to be on frontpage

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I don't know why, but the pic + author's comments just cracked me up. 5/5!

J-qb responds:


i like what you did here

aside from the proportions, I like this piece pretty much :).

Some critique I hope helps:

1) her left arm is...err it doesn't really make sense to me. from the elbow onwards it's a little hard to tell the anatomy, but perhaps its just the overall proportioning you did, leading to my 2nd point...

2) overall proportions are a little stumpy? she's wider in some areas (thighs) but slim as hell in other areas (arms). And she seems a little short and dwarfy.

Unless that's your art style, then okay. or if she's a kid I suppose.

Little girls with those abs scare the heck out of me though.

Armaina responds:

well I was trying to go for a look that was more overhead rather than level, it was hard to pull off the right look with the huge boots Crash normally has so I don't think the perspective translates well, despite the high horizon line. Though I definately need to work on different kinds of perspective which is what this was. Ah well, learn and move on!

Artistic license + 1!

heheh, reptiles don't have mammaries :D But me likey.

Fatchaos responds:

Well, there are so many things that are not true, so... why not enhance the reality?


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