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Posted by daryl2158 - January 25th, 2010

going off in 2 weeks. wonder how it'll turn out.

Posted by daryl2158 - January 19th, 2010

this is pretty sad. after working weeks on my project, i've been getting very negative reviews. i don't even feel like showing those people who wanted to see the final product. feel like i've let them down.

why is it that always the works i feel are my best are hated, and the stuff i do in 45 mins is well-received?

think this will be my last work. I don't feel like drawing anymore. It's no longer fun for me.

Posted by daryl2158 - January 14th, 2010

Well it appears that after weeks of ups and downs, I'm done with the drawing part of the project.

http://www.newgrounds.com/dump/item/3b 829ad357c6f441ba812e24e841cb26

Won't post it up on the art portal since I haven't coloured it yet, but it's going on the forums. Perhaps try to see what last minute corrections I can fit in after the community critiques it.

Then it's on to colouring!

Pity that I might not be around much soon, have problems in the family. Health issues, to be more precise. :(. And I think I might be conscripted soon...

Posted by daryl2158 - December 23rd, 2009

finally got around to doing costume concept art. i think it's pretty much confirmed, just got to get the NG community to okay it first. then i'll start drawing! I hope.

it's quite hard to do concept art without a proper tablet. my 8-year old taiwanese piece of crap isn't exactly holding together. (hell, their company folded already)

Posted by daryl2158 - December 20th, 2009

I'm starting on a new project...it's going to be my biggest yet. A3 drawing of a Chinese Dancer, based on one of my friends. I'm planning to colour it somehow...might involve watercolour paints at some point in time. Still considering my options.

Got the reference work mostly done, just gots to get the pose right now.

Posted by daryl2158 - December 12th, 2009

Okay I think I'm finally going to start some contributing to the NG community by submitting some of my better artwork. deviantArt wasn't working out so well, since people hardly get recognised for anything unless you 1) Are really good (Same for everywhere) 2) Have a lot of friends (Some crap gets on most-viewed) 3) Draw furries (Now I wonder why they call it deviantArt...)